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About TBI

According to the Utah department of health, every year, thousands of people in Utah suffer head injuries, or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). A TBI is caused by some kind of blow, jolt, or other injuries to the head. Even a concussion is considered a TBI. TBI symptoms vary widely from “mild” to “severe” and may affect a person’s ability to work, go to school, or participate in social activities. A TBI can have a dramatic impact on a person’s ability to lead an active, fulfilling life.

In 2013-2014
  • Among all Utahns, sports/recreation-related TBIs were the most common among those aged 0- 14.
  • 80% of sports/recreation-related TBIs occurred among Utah males.
  • An estimated 80% of Utahns who were hospitalized for a skateboard, rollerblade, snow sport, or OHV/ATV-related TBI in 2013-2014 was NOT wearing a helmet at the time of their injury.
  • Among all Utahns, transportation-related TBIs were the most common among those aged 15-24.
  • Motor vehicle crashes attributed to 61.1% of TBI-related hospitalizations.
  • The causes of transportation-related TBI hospitalizations and deaths during Utah were:
    • Motor vehicle crashes (61.1%)
    • Motorcycle crashes (17.7%)
    • Pedestrian (15.4%)
    • Pedestrian (15.4%)
    • Bicycle crashes (5.8%)
Most common causes of TBI hospitalizations and deaths in Utah
  • Falls
  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Bicycle crashes
  • Please note that the above-reported data came from the Utah Department of Health.